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20th-Mar-2012 10:51 pm - ooc contact post: how's my driving
sirenspell: (reverence ✠ gratia plena)
~ If you need to reach the mun ~
AIM: rose in splendour
Email: rose.splendour@gmail.com

~ HMD ~
If you would like to discuss how I play Esmeralda, you may also use this post to supply any questions or advice. Anonymous commenting is on.

I am completely in love with this canon, and I absolutely want to portray this heroine correctly.

Esmeralda is a bundle of contradictions: she's kind and tenderhearted, and she's spirited and brave. She's an outspoken fighter and a gentle source of sympathy. Above all, she's a light in the darkness, which is what makes her so special. ♥

There are a lot of different aspects that make her who she is, and that make her voice so unique. I am open to any comments you might have to share.
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