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A gypsy's prayer

One day, someday...soon.

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Name:La Esméralda
Birthdate:Oct 22
Location:Paris, France

See the finest girl in France
Make an entrance to entrance
Dance, La Esméralda

Interests (62):

, acceptance, adventures, affection, being useful, cautious optimism, clopin trouillefou, coming to the rescue, compassion, conveniently disappearing, costumes, creativity, dance-is-my-native-language, dancing, determination, djali, equality, exploring, fairness, fighting everyone's battles, giving people nicknames, gypsies, hair ribbons, helping others, hopefulness, independence, inner beauty, jewelry, justice, kindness, la cour des miracles, la fête des fous, laying the smackdown, mercy, music, my adopted family, not being stalked, not giving in, notre dame de paris, outwitting everyone, paris, playing the tambourine, protecting others, quasimodo, resourcefulness, sarcasm, snappy comebacks, snark, social reform, standing my ground, summertime, sympathy, teasing, teasing-is-how-i-show-love, the court of miracles, the festival of fools, theatrical escapes, theatricality, trusting my instincts, underdogs, wit,
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